Homemade Burger

Casalingo Burger as a best homemade burger offers customers a variety of best burger and yummy poutine and drinks. Also, we make our burger from AAA ground and fresh beef, but no more than 15% fat. On the other hand, our homemade burgers are hormone and antibiotic free. In addition, our yummy poutine are from fresh cut fries. Therefore, our hamburgers and poutines are stand out as a healthy lifestyle brand. Also, our burgers are from locally sourced ingredients. Therefore, our burgers are for people to enjoy them. Also, we source our ingredients from the various farmers' markets in and around York Region.  In addition, we have a special recipe for our burger that features anything with traditional ingredients. As a result, the mission of Casalingo Burger, as best homemade burger in town, is to sell unique gourmet burgers, and yummy poutine in a pleasing atmosphere.

Maryam Maleki

Casalingo Burger Ltd. is owned by Maryam Maleki, who has a strong background in marketing and the food industry. Also, she has more than 6 years in the food and restaurant industry with strong experience working at Subway sandwich. Furthermore, Maryam Maleki brings her food preparation expertise with a best burger recipe to the enterprise to ensure high quality products and efficient cooking standards.

Maryam Maleki Owner of Casalingo Burger Inc. as a best homemade burger


We are known as one of three best homemade burger food truck in town of Aurora from 2019

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